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Here is a list of our authors, bios, and links.

Shelley Davidow

Shelley Davidow was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where she grew up. Her young adult book In the Shadow of Inyangani was nominated for the first African Writer’s Prize by Macmillan/Picador and BBC World (read extract). The author of numerous books for children and young adults, she now lives in Florida, USA.
(from the author’s website).

Marilyn Johnston

Marilyn Johnston has gained national and regional recognition for her poetry. Her awards include: the 1999 Donna J. Stone National Literary Award, a 2002 Robert Penn Warren Award by the New England Writers, and first place awards in the 2003 Oregon State Poetry Association’s spring and fall competitions. She received an Oregon State Literary Arts Fellowship for Poetry in 2001, and was selected as a Fishtrap Fellow. Marilyn’s writing has appeared in Calyx, Clackamas Literary Review, Manzanita: Literary Journal of the Motherlode and Sierra, Fireweed and Caffeine Destiny, among others, as well as several poetry anthologies. She lives, works and writes in Salem, Oregon.

Jay Thiemeyer

“I spent more than two decades not knowing where I would sleep each night.” So begins Jay Thiemeyer’s introduction to Marginal Notes. Twenty years on the street, fighting alcohol and inner demons, Jay’s story is one of hope and good fortune found in nurturing friendships, which helped him to extricate himself from the unkind fate of so many street people. His education, and ability to articulate his experiences no doubt played a role also. He writes unsentimentally about life in the underbelly of society.

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