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Like the Sun in Storm

Like the Sun in Storm,
poems by Ralph Salisbury
ISBN: 978-0-974-66837-6
Trade, 96pp
$14.50 US/Can
The Habit of Rainy Nights Press

I’m holding onto history
someone else’s sanity
after the crash

“Those three lines sum up for me what I have always loved about Ralph Salisbury as a poet–one whose vision has grown stronger with age. Clarity and complexity are as intertwined in his work as is his mixed Cherokee- Shawnee-English ancestry and his own path as a youthful warrior and a wise elder counseling peace.”His words are those of a man struck more than once by lightning, both literally and figuratively, and the sanity that he holds onto and forces us to face, is that of one whose survival is both metaphor and guide for the generations that follow.”
 —Joseph Bruchac, Author of The First Strawberries and How Chipmunk Got His Stripes.

“Ralph Salisbury’s Like the Sun in Storm is one great eagle-soaring sweep of poetry whose images, tropes, music and mysteries brought tears to my ageing eyes.  In these hard times rife with continuing warS and pervasive suffering, Ralph Salisbury’s poems give powerful voice to that which too many people ignore or are afraid to speak about or are too brainwashed to recognize.  Like the Sun in Storm is beautiful, brilliant, true … an assuaging of a deep homesickness for that which shimmers with honesty and heart wisdom.  When so many people are longing for such home, this Cherokee-Shawnee elder’s poems brilliantly distill home and shelter out of the often violent complexity of history and America’s and the entire planet’s current frightening reality/surreality.  If you still care about freedom that is not just a knee-jerk slogan, Like the Sun in Storm is the book to carry with you as traveling companion.  Ralph, beloved poet and brother, thank you/nya’weh for the saving shine of this poetry that made me fly.”
Susan Deer Cloud, Poet, NEA & NYFA Fellowships recipient, author of Car Stealer and The Last Ceremony.

“The manifest destiny of these poems is justice and salvation in language for people torn down by blind nationalism, war, greed and racism. As soft as lingerie, as tough as steel pipe, and as fine in phrase and image as our best American poets, Ralph Salisbury sings “Like the Sun in Storm” for world that can be healed.”
Henry Hughes, Winner: 2012 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award, Author of Moist Meridian.

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Navigation by Brittney Corrigan
The Habit of Rainy Nights Press
978-0-9746683-6-9    $12 US

“Brittney Corrigan’s poems are richly narrative, deeply engaging, and warm. And they always have been. Her poems spring from wonderful, mysterious, confounding, and haunting moments and memories, and carry you back into your own life with more vigor and understanding.”
-Naomi Shihab Nye

“‘My hands are full of small eggs, small flowers,/delicate hope. What of this is ordinary?’ writes Brittney Corrigan, and in her poems the answer is that the pulse of every day is made extraordinary as she chronicles the struggles and joys of family in a voice all too aware of a difficult world made all the more dear by our precarious place in it.”
-Maxine Scates

“In Brittney Corrigan’s poems dailiness is transfigured so that we are always seeming to meet the ordinary dramas of life in unexpected ways, and with the gift of unexpected insight. Her poems are full of “just the thing/you think you know/but you don’t”, brought to us in language that is at once welcoming and deeply meditative. If her work has a tutelary deity it is the god of small things, who is also, of course, the god of the biggest things. After reading these poems, we know they are one and the same.”
-Ger Killeen

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eye moon

Bartlett House
A Will Adelhardt / Lucy Hidalgo Mystery
by Patricia J. McLean & Duane Poncy
ISBN: 978-0-97466834-5 Trade Paperback -Retail $12.00
ISBN: 978-0-97466835-2 EBook -Retail $7.00

When a fire burns down the historic Bartlett House, the body of young activist, Emmy d’Angelo is found inside, dressed in sexual bondage gear. Her older lover, professor Will Adelhardt, is under suspicion, but the manner in which Emmy is found is incomprehensible to Adelhardt, who is devastated by her loss. Now he must take a dark voyage through the past and his own tortured soul to find out what happened. Will Adelhardt and his journalist friend, Lucy Hidalgo embark on a journey through Portland, Oregon’s history, from sixties protest to the lumber barons and radical Louise Bryant.

Read sample chaptersWatch the book trailer

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eye moon
The Eye of the Moon
A Memoir by Shelley Davidow
ISBN 0-9746683-2-X
Retail Price $14

“Daring. Courageous. Brilliant. Beautiful. Scrupulously truthful. The Eye of the Moon is unlike anything I’ve ever read, and so astonishingly good I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”
–Molly Gloss, author of The Jump-Off Creek, and Wild Life

“Shelley Davidow’s extraordinary, lyrical prose is dense with fragrance, eroticism, and the poetry of recalled passion. The short sections read like perfect snapshots of the past, holding a rhythm and deep sensuality reminiscent of French writers like Monique Wittig and Helene Sixous, whose work this memoir joins as a classic feminist tale–a gem of wisdom and beauty.

“In this important memoir, Davidow’s personal history lives alongside the unfolding, violent history of her homeland, South Africa. Her own particular coming-of-age story walks the steaming red earth of that land, even when it migrates to the frozen Midwest of the U.S.A., finally landing on a Pacific rim where peace, at least for the moment, seems possible.”
– Judith Barrington, author of Lifesaving and Writing the Memoir

Listen to the author read samples.

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eye moon
Marginal Notes
A Poetry Chapbook by Jay Thiemeyer
Retail Price $8

“Illustrated with Jill Wilson’s gritty black and white photographs of the world of Portland’s homeless, Marginal Notes is an essential addition to the chronicle of this city. Jay Thiemeyer has made a journey few people can even imagine.”
–Barbara LaMorticella, Portland poet and co-host of KBOO’s “Talking Earth.”

“Marginal Notes is like a jackknifed truck coming at you with ten tons of steel. You won’t find a more raw observation of the streets than this. A clear view of the insanity that grips hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis in America.”
–Israel Bayer, organizer and writer, North American Street Newspaper Association.

eye moon
Red Dust Rising
by Marilyn Johnston
ISBN 0-9746683-1-1
Retail Price $8 – limited supply

“Direct and narrative, this captures the true mercy in language.”
-Yusef Komunyakaa, author of Pleasure Dome and Thieves of Paradise

Red Dust Rising is a beautiful chapbook, wonderfully designed and printed, that breathes life, love, pain, truth and all those things that only poetry can express.”
-Dan Hays, Salem Statesman-Journal

eye moon
Raising Our Voices:
An Anthology of Oregon Poets Against the War

ISBN 0-9746683-0-3
Special Remainders Price

Edited by Duane Poncy and Patricia J. McLean,
with an introduction by Judith Barrington and Ursula K. LeGuin.
Includes many of Oregon’s greatest poets, speaking out against war.

Purchase directly from us. $3 special price, plus $3 shipping



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