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Marginal Notes

About Marginal Notes

“Illustrated with Jill Wilson’s gritty black and white photographs of the world of Portland’s homeless, Marginal Notes is an essential addition to the chronicle of this city. Jay Thiemeyer has made a journey few people can even imagine.”
  —Barbara LaMorticella, Portland poet and co-host of KBOO radio’s “Talking Earth.”

Marginal Notes is like a jackknifed truck coming at you with ten tons of steel. You won’t find a more raw observation of the streets than this. A clear view of the insanity that grips hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis in America.”
  —Israel Bayer, organizer and writer, North American Street Newspaper Association.

You can use the paypal button below to order Marginal Notes from us now, if you like.

price includes postage

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Marginal Notes
by Jay Thiemeyer

From the habit of rainy nights press.

Or mail check for $8 to:
the habit of rainy nights press
900 NE 81st Ave, #209
Portland, OR 97213

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